Local 1267 Municipal Employees at Work

Our members work in many different areas of the municipality including City Hall, Public Works, Forestry, Parks, Recreation & Culture, Mission Fire/Rescue Service and the Mission RCMP Detachment.

To help finance our rapidly growing municipality, our members assist in the collection of taxes. While taxes are never popular, the monies collected help pay for our members to provide efficient and effective services to the residents of Mission.

CUPE members in the development services and engineering departments help to facilitate the significant development in the community. The bylaw enforcement officers administer and enforce the various regulatory bylaws of the municipality.

Our public works employees maintain the integrity of vital services such as water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage, as well as roads maintenance and snow removal.

Local 1267 members are also responsible for providing a fleet of reliable and functional equipment and vehicles to all municipal departments including the Mission Fire/Rescue Service and Mission RCMP.

Members employed in the forestry department help manage the obligations of the Mission Tree Farm Licence #26, also known as the Mission Municipal Forest. They also provide public services such as issuing burning permits and providing educational tours to schools.

Our dedicated members at the publicly run Parks, Recreation and Culture department provide for the recreational and cultural needs of our citizens. In addition, our members take care of Mission’s numerous parks, maintain municipally-owned buildings and grounds, and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Hatzic Cemetery.

Local 1267 members employed at the Mission Fire/Rescue service strive to provide quality customer service to the residents of Mission including fire safety lectures, fire station tours, fire inspections, fire prevention training and issuing burning permits.

Our union members at the RCMP Detachment are responsible for providing reception duties and responding to public inquiries on matters related to the detachment. Local 1267 members perform functions related to the safety, security and monitoring of prisoners, are responsible for the security and storage of police exhibits and other members have specialized functions related to the review and procedural verification of confidential RCMP occurrence files.

In addition, administrative and program coordination functions related to community policing and crime prevention programs are also responsibilities of CUPE employees.