CUPE BC Announces Fund to Assist CUPE Members Impacted by Wildfires

21/07/2017 15:05
CUPE BC has announced that a fund has been created to assist CUPE members who have been displaced by the BC wildfires. CUPE BC has started this fund with an opening donation of $10,000 and encourages locals to also donate to this fund if possible. No amount is too small! CUPE...

Have Questions Or Problems With Our Benefits?

18/07/2017 14:29
Our CUPE Local 1267 members have a benefits package that we can be proud of! Additionally, it is designed to be easy and convenient for members to use. Recently, we have heard from a few members that have had some struggles when it has come time to use their benefits. There should be no...

CUPE Local 1267 Reaches 4 Year Agreement with District of Mission

09/06/2017 14:03
CUPE Local 1267 has reached a four-year agreement with the District of Mission.The agreement brings negotiations to a conclusion and ensures stability for employees through 2020.The agreement sets out wage increases at 1.5 for 2017, 2% for 2018, 2019, 2020 along with updates to language...

CUPE welcomes interest from WestJet flight attendants looking for representation by Canada's largest union

08/06/2017 19:16
CUPE, Canada’s leading airline union representing 11,500 flight attendants with several airlines, has been in discussions with interested WestJet cabin crew members looking for union representation. “We are happy to have the opportunity to unionize WestJet flight attendants,” said CUPE...

CUPE Local 1267 Sponsored FREE SWIM - September28, 2016

11/09/2016 22:27

CUPE 1267 gifts their time to help complete the new skate park

03/07/2016 11:28
On June 26th, 2016, our dedicated members volunteered to shovel and rake mounds of soil in preparation for the sod they would lay, bringing the new skate park one step closer to completion! Thank you to our great volunteers, your work was truly appreciated by the Parks and Recreation Department and...

Calling all CUPE Local 1267 members! Skate board park volunteer day, June 26, 2016

15/06/2016 23:19
Calling all CUPE Local 1267 members! Your help is needed!   Come out and lend a hand as the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department continues work on the new skate board park! We have offered the gift of our time to this project, a project that will provide a new, safe and...

Day of Mourning

20/04/2016 15:28
Today, April 28th is the day we remember and respect our fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives due to work place accidents or illnesses. Please take a moment of silence to show and share your respect. — Image Credit: Kevin...

Now accepting 2016 bursary applicants

19/04/2016 22:05
Check out the Bursaries page for more information!

Congratulations Joan and welcome back Donna-Lee!

27/01/2016 17:52
During a bi-election in January 2016, the following positions were elected: President: Joan McPherson Chief Shop Steward: Donna-Lee Lakes   Thank you for stepping forward and commiting to CUPE Local 1267. Your time, dedication and efforts are appreciated by the entire membership. Your...